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The Body & The Breath

A Podcast From Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer & SOLACE

The Body & The Breath is a series of offerings available to support the Art of Living Well. These are integrative medical practices to optimally promote a healthy body, mind, & spirit.


Power of Positivity

A Podcast From Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer & SOLACE

Listen as the Power of Positivity, a meditative experience, led by Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer promotes the discovery of all essential life processes that are inherently uplifting. A viable resource to evolve a restoration of hope & illuminate a light of positivity from within. Each guided meditation takes us through a neurolinguistic process to engage, heal & restore the Body, Mind, & Spirit.


Anxiety Release

A Podcast From Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer & SOLACE

This series of Anxiety Release practices led by Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer offers a series of 3 practices & condition an individual to manage anxiety. Anyone with anxiety, agitation or reactive stress responses will be able to release & mitigate the negative effects of anxiety through engagement & practice with these practices designed to fully relieve & ease symptoms of anxiety. These are  a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips for immediate relief! Regular use will condition & alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress & support a healthy resolution.


Relational Harmony

A Podcast From Dr. Heather Kline Schaffer & SOLACE

Relational Harmony is a curated series of practices engineered to potentiate reciprocity with our loved ones and to sustain harmonious relationships in our lives. Each meditative practice is designed to support a naturalistic flow of breath & energy interchange between individuals. Couples will benefit while strengthening connection with each other, as well as, becoming more mindfully present & interdependently appreciative of the world. These meditative practices promote positive change, optimal management of stress & release of tension thereby enhancing our overall feelings of worth, a healthy interchange of emotions & allow us to evolve true intimacy.


How To Access & Listen


We invite you to access all podcasts after you listen, if you choose, for a lifetime of access by purchasing & downloading directly to your phone or computer to listen anytime, anywhere at your convenience. 

Enjoy these practices to enhance & optimize your living experience promoting your optimal health & wellbeing for a lifetime!

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